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The Work

We look at your most pressing problems and bold goals with a fresh, keen perspective that distinctly focuses them. We identify your current reality and future vision–and surface the creative tension to close the gap. Every engagement pairs experiential and applied learning, gives you incisive choices, tools, and a coherent, strategic course of action that tees up the next cycle of value.

This is pragmatic wisdom that has a ripple and ultimately tidal effect on how you show up in the world.

Leadership Development

We live in time when your purpose matters like never before. Your corporate identity isn’t merely what your HR doc or your website says. It’s what you live, day in and day out, that creates the culture in which you and the successes you see — or don’t. Understanding and being able to enact your purpose involves working with your mindset and the behaviors and actions that flow from it:

  • Your clear line of sight—having everyone on the same page looking at the same goals, and working together to achieve them.

  • The time you spend operating in flow, making a real difference, vs. spinning your wheels.

  • Your ability to attract, retain, be and continue to be the best talent.

Research shows that the millennials maturing in today’s workplace are driven by growth, and that Generation Z, about to enter it, is driven by purpose. Tomorrow’s leaders seek companies with purposes worth committing to and workplaces that prioritize meaning and well-being.

If you want to make purpose the heartbeat of your company — a living, breathing force that aligns and animates everything from employees to initiatives, let’s talk.

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Executive Offsites

Leadership Trainings

With certifications in and multiple deliveries of the following internationally renown courses and those of her own design, and informed by neuroscience and organizational agility, Marni customizes leadership training to your pain points and goals.

Crucial Conversations

Emotional Intelligence


Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Effective Communication and Productive Conflict

The Intergenerational Workplace

From Transactional to Transformational Leadership

From Manager to Leader

Mindfulness and Leadership

Co-Creative Leadership: Gender and Interdependent Polarity and Leadership

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Executive Offsites

A well-designed, masterfully executed offsite does more than align your team. It unleashes a creativity, connection and inspired strategy that galvanizes performance, strengthens industry position, and sets you up for cycles of increasing value.

When iterated repeatedly over time with consistent follow-up and follow-through, executive offsites become the core activity that fuels your company’s vitality, growth, and sustainability.

If this doesn’t quite describe your recent offsite, you’re not alone. It’s the rare leadership team that looks back six or 12 months later and says that the meeting changed or substantially improved the way business is run, or left a fingerprint on company culture.

Whether you’re looking to uplevel your team’s leadership or embody leadership into your strategic planning, let’s talk.

Either way, we’ll create an offsite that taps the collective wisdom in the room, cuts to the core issues, and forges the best path forward — so you can capture your biggest opportunities.


Retreats take offsites to a whole other level. When leaders from different sectors and industries come together in a place of stunning natural beauty with space for the mind-body to relax and rejuvenate, a refreshing synergy occurs. Retreats provide perspective and an incomparable approach to problems that had appeared intractable.

See Four Site’s upcoming retreats and to be put on the list when registration opens.


Culture is the operating system of your company—the water in which everyone swims. And yet, like fish, we typically swim without awareness of the pervasive way culture empowers or disempowers our mindset – and ensuing actions and results.

As the sum of behaviors in an organization, culture is the strongest driver of long-term sustainability. A vibrant culture aligns people, purpose and systems, powering your company from the inside out.

Culture is unconscious and under stress, people revert to inherited, learned behaviors. This is especially true for high-growth companies, whether venture-backed, grown organically, by M&A or all three. As you experience fast growth and hiring, culture becomes less visible and often scattershot.

An expert culture doctor, Marni diagnoses, designs and supports the creation or recovery of a healthy culture. She keenly identifies organizational dynamics—the patterns, blind spots and roadblocks to health and agility–and how to dissolve them. Whether through a leadership offsite, trainings, and/or coaching, she’ll design-deliver a solution that establishes a clear line of sight, a culture of mutual trust and influence, emotional intelligence, and skilled communication.

If you want to retain or recapture winning qualities that fuel startups, including high employee engagement, operational flexibility, and tight strategic alignment, let’s talk.

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Sustainable Transformation

If, like many high-growth stage companies, you’re too-often mired in the urgent versus the important and in perceived versus real business value, you need to step back, align and adjust.
The reality for executives is that this head-space also becomes victim to the tyranny of the urgent.

And yet, the force multiplier of sustainable growth is your leadership.

Your choice and your capacity to work on the business, and not merely in it.

If you want someone who can help you develop your own perspective, increase the altitude of conversations, help you stay on your growth-edge and build a purpose-based organization, let’s talk.

Transformation is a sustained engagement to build corporate agility: a continuous learning organization that’s aligned, engaged and nimbly responsive to the marketplace.

Alignment with traction—getting a grip on current reality and all moving together in the same direction—ensures real velocity.


The clarity of your purpose and your contribution affects your team and those around you in ways both conscious and unconscious. Understanding how your mindset impacts your behavior and actions helps you better align your intentions with your results.

Whether an experienced or emerging leader, the alignment of purpose, passion, and impact are the key metrics of your sustainability — and that of your company. Because an organization is only as sustainable as its leaders.

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Mastery is the art of correction, not perfection.

~Marni Gauthier

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