Four Site Leadership® uses the following four principles in practice.

1. Holistic Leadership® Development

Neuroscience, emotional intelligence, extensive mind-body medical research and our own experience tells us that exceptional performance, thriving relationships and our health all depend upon the well-being and care of our whole selves. EQ, not IQ or technical skill, accounts for 90% of the difference between average and high performers. EQ depends on attunement to self and others, and as such, it is the sine qua non of leadership.

Effective leadership depends on conscious integration of head, heart and gut, and resultant action. As such, the body is the literal core of our capacity to lead. A strong, grounded body allows a clear, focused mind and an embodied presence and is the foundation of authentic leadership.

This holistic approach informs everything Four Site Leadership® does.

2. Integration of Masculine & Feminine

Cultivating a healthy masculine and feminine is more urgent than ever. Indeed, our opportunity to learn and practice healthy gendered expression in ourselves, our relationships and our organizations is unprecedented.

This doesn’t mean repressing or silencing parts of ourselves, however. It means translating gender into vibrant and effective interpersonal relationships, teams and systems. We’ll recast the masculine and feminine inside of leadership competencies and an interdependent polarity.

3. Reciprocity of Ancient + Modern, East + West, Inner + Outer, Intuitive + Rational.

The holistic approach derives from ancient wisdom.

For instance, meditation and yoga, born in the East, converge with Western neuroscience and athletic training in the ways that positively change our lives.

Research of flow states shows that we maximize creativity and learning by balancing and extroverted and introverted behaviors and cultivating intuition more than rational thought.

This is concurrent with today’s smartest organizations and leaders, and increasingly relevant in our era of an evolving gendered, intergenerational, and interconnected workplace.

4. Sustainable Transformation

The most creative, successful leaders, change agents, and adaptive companies understand that transformation happens or companies stagnate and die.

It’s really that simple.

Transformation is an all-in adventure; it’s iterative; and it’s not a one-and-done. Every challenge or crisis is an opportunity for us to grow into the next best version of ourselves — to more deeply align or re-align our purpose, passion and impact.

Growth and results are iterative. The only way in is to try; the only way to grow is to learn from what happens and apply it for the next cycle — which may be the next day or the next moment. This is how we work: with the issues that either inhibit or catalyze your work and mission.

Welcome to the exceptional life.