Attention is like sunlight and water for a plant. What we pay attention to will grow.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Coaching is a uniquely powerful way to bring rare attention to your authentic self and the areas of your life you want to shift. If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing what Emerson calls, “a healthy discontent.”

You’re feeling the seeds of change – or experiencing a sea change.

Every challenge or crisis is an opportunity to lean into your growth edge – and to become the next best version of yourself. To awaken to the next true adventure.

You’re not alone. More than ever, change is the consistently recurrent force of modern life – particularly for those living an awakened life.

On this path, a wise, savvy, and supportive guide is invaluable.

Who’s not only walked the path, but who knows how to help get you to the next horizon.

Who can see and reflect your authentic self – and help you stay true to it. Who helps you clarify and integrate the lessons learned on your journey. Who can honor and practically support your need to create, shape, and step confidently into the life you want — personal and professional.

The difference between those who dream of something different and those who make lasting, positive change usually involves an exceptional coaching process.

In the past ten years, I’ve helped hundreds of people in 1:1 and group sessions to get unstuck, and become the next, best version of themselves. To grow, discover choices, and create new paths forward. This is inner work for outer impact, and it’s my expertise, my purpose and my passion.

My background includes International Coach Federation (ICF)-approved coach certification, couples therapy training with Terry Real, Esther Perel and Thomas Hubl, extensive experience in Crucial Conversations®, StrengthsFinder, MBTI, and DecsionStyles. I’ve also design-delivered Emotional Intelligence, Trust, and Holistic Leadership®, and Personal Mastery and The Art of Transformation retreats. An alum of the esteemed Hoffman Process, which has been taught at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership (CPL), I’ve led the Boulder Hoffman Graduate Group since 2017. In addition to these resources, now embodied in me, that support my clients, are the superb teachers, mentors and coaches who’ve graced my path since 2009 and who’ve helped foster my evolution from first-generation college student to master teacher, leadership consultant, trusted executive advisor, and coach.

At the same time, the profound journeys I facilitate with my clients are grounded in my rich life experience—tribulation and joy–and the growth, transformation, and wisdom wrought from it. As a parent, co-parent, athlete, devoted yogini of 20+ years, inspired cook and dancer, and former tenured professor of literature and film, my work is distinctly holistic and integrative.

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Coaching is a partnership wherein we clarify your current reality and desired future — and then empower you to close the gap between them.

We identify where you’re stuck in what you long for or are drawn to. I help you unkink the hose of your life force, and restore you to flow. The result is greater freedom, energy, creativity, health and well-being — and the giving of your full gifts in relationship, life and work.

I come alongside you and help you bring your inner and outer worlds into greater integrity. I work at the level of mindset that underlies behaviors and actions. And I help you develop the practical behaviors vital to success. Informed by neuroscience and through deep listening, keen insight and steep expertise, I help clients transform opportunities into breakthroughs and practices that catalyze growth.

Fluent in the transformative inner and interpersonal work that breeds lasting change, I work intuitively, analytically, and relationally. I recognize the strengths and patterns that singularly inform each client’s next evolution. I draw on a deep toolbox that I personalize to serve each client’s needs and goals. It includes visioning, emotional intelligence, communication skills, patterns, identity coaching, visualizations, and more. Written, reflective, dialogue and embodied exercises pave new neural pathways that support your choices and the shifts you’ll make along the way.

Clients recurrently state their experience of feeling “safe, seen, felt, heard, empowered, energized and healed” in our sessions. Takeaways include “clarity, wisdom, inspiration, healing, valuable learning, insights, realizations, and freedom.”

Our process includes a weekly email follow-up template & check-in that maintains momentum, accountability and support between sessions.

This work is at the intersection of the inspired and the pragmatic.

Specialties include:

Transition & Transformation (vision to execution)

Conscious Relationship

Boundaries and Vulnerability

Trauma and Healing

Transforming Patterns & Unlocking Potential

Couples: Transitions, Breakdowns, and Breakthroughs

Communication & Crucial Conversations

Personal Mastery (becoming the creative force in your life)

Energy Management (vs. Time Management)

Parenting and Co-Parenting

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My passion and gift for supporting couples in all relational stages is grounded in three truths:

1. We are wired for deep connection.
2. Intimate partnership is a sacred vessel for growth.
3. Cultivating the healthy masculine and feminine within each of us is vital for personal, relational and global healing, well-being, and creativity.

In addition to Stan Tatkin (Wired for Love), Dr. Harville Hendrix, and David Deida, my work is informed by Terry Real and Esther Perel, whose collaborative course, Anatomy of Couples Therapy, I designed, using their extensive source materials. Through this experience, I assimilated their collective wisdom from their combined decades of couples therapy. As work with couples has grown, I’ve deepened my resources, such as Terry’s and Thomas Hübl’s Evolutionary Relationships training for healers, coaches and therapists. Subtitled, “Creating Mystical Partnerships for Healing and Waking Up,” its focus on the intersection of the spiritual and the pragmatic in relationships is intrinsic to my approach. Like Terry’s Relational Life Therapy, I quickly identify the relational patterns, and move as swiftly as possible to give couples new behaviors to shift to healthy relationships. I also work with each partner individually as needed and desired, to empower both to tend and meet the needs of self, partner, and relationship.

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Hoffman Graduates

I founded Four Site based on the same ancient, holistic model as the quadrinity at the heart of the Hoffman Process, four years before I heard of it. As such, the Process, while transformative, was incipient in my work for years prior to my 2015 Process. My holistic approach is a natural fit for Hoffman graduates.

As the leader of a thriving, exponentially growing graduate group since 2017, I’ve witnessed and facilitated the joys and the challenges of integrating the Process as practice for sustained transformation. Major shifts in lives and relationships bring us to the Process and ensue from it. These changes are real forces to be reckoned with, not only immediately post-Process, but also and even more so as our integrated selves shape our lives in ways seldom anticipated.

My work with graduates, both individuals and couples, includes clear, skilled use of the Hoffman tools and lens to support the learning, continued growth, and connection of the Process. I draw on the tools as a part of my larger toolbox in a way that roots and smoothly integrates the Process into your life, making it relevant and potent to the challenges which bring you to coaching.

This is practical wisdom for powerful living.

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Next Gen

My passionate empowerment of next-generation adults began during graduate school, when, for a decade, I taught hundreds of high school through college graduates how to ace the SAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT standardized tests. As a professor of literature, at SUNY from 2002-2012, and later, as faculty for the Leeds School of Business and Leadership Studies Minor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I taught and mentored 1200+ undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds in multiple fields of study. My loving dedication to guide and nurture young people to be proactive agents of their lives occurs in a whole other dimension as a parent of two amazing children, now teens at the threshold of their adult lives.

I love and am well-skilled at supporting Gen Y and Z to successfully navigate the transitions in their lives. From the myriad challenges and choices on their way to college, through the early stages of their careers, coaching tomorrow’s leaders is joyfully rewarding.

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“Today’s session was monumental to say the least: The healing power of truly listening to learn. I was able to honor all of her efforts and truly feel her pain but also forgive her for anything I am holding on to. I truly freed myself from a self-defeating pattern.”

“I just wanted to thank you for our last session. It was profoundly healing. I came out of it feeling more heard and understood than ever and also able to understand him without feeling unsafe or confused. There was this palpable peace. I felt like my nervous system was able to connect to the rest of my body in a way that I have never felt before. I’m grateful for this process and all the growth we are lucky to experience with you. You really have a gift!”

“I feel like you not only ‘get it,’ but that you also feel me. I feel seen and felt by you in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever felt by anyone. In my life.”

“Mind-blowing. Amazing. You are a gift to womanhood! And any relationship. Every session is a gift. So much love for you.”

“I felt heard and validated in a way that I haven’t ever felt before and I was able to deeply feel what I have been holding in for a long time to be explored in a safe space.”

“I have hope where there was none.”



“I gained clarity, a lot of energy–physically and mentally–and empowerment in my life. I can thrive, not just survive in this transition. Working with you helps me get clarity through the questions you ask and ideas you lead me through. You provide me inspiration and wisdom, and open my mind to possibilities. Taking action relieves anxiety and fear. This process is more than a series of tasks to accomplish. It is a mindset, a visionary process, an embodied process and a spiritual process.”

“I experienced profound internal shifts. I’m inspired and empowered to create new relationships and the next stage of my career with an energy, confidence and self-love I did not have before.”

“I feel you ‘get it’ and you’re able to wrap your head around not only how I’m trying to lead myself from a spiritual guidance point, but also from my heart and how important it is for me to lead with integrity.”

“This has been such a beautiful awakening for me. I feel so blessed to have had this supportive, loving experience at a time when I was particularly soul-starved. It is challenging but also very empowering. I wish more people could experience this freedom and support.”

“Powerful, deep, transformative, energizing – more than I expected. You are a master teacher!”

“Transformative. Healing. Rejuvenating. Marni – you have an incredible natural ability to elicit the ‘higher’ aspects of one’s inner being — to call it forth and build upon it. The space you create (both physically and spiritually) is just beautiful. I truly loved this experience with you! I felt realigned immediately with my most authentic self.”

“You are a shining star, vivid and purposeful. Your extraordinary analytical capabilities combined with your unrivalled relational skills make you a valuable advisor and empathetic coach. You have a strong ability to deeply connect with people and lead them to insights and advancement in a highly inspirational way.”

“I loved our session. I feel like it was such a great combination of emotional issues and setting goals for life. I really appreciate the dropping in at the beginning, and I also really like the honesty as far as my choices before me now.”

“This was a very empowering experience for me. I ‘saw’ and felt so many shifts in my body and energy. I feel so blessed to have met you and for you to be one of my teachers as I move forward in my next level of co-creation!”


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Whoever enters the Way without a guide, will take a hundred years to travel a two-day journey.