Did you know that anyone can hang a “coach” shingle without any training, certification or any idea of what coaching is? There are no legal requirements for coach certifications, so many people do just this. Just as being a star researcher seldom translates to great teaching, having a passion or even being a subject matter expert alone does not make one an effective coach.

Certifications aren’t everything, of course, and there is a wide caliber of certifications in the field. Extensive hands-on training from veteran master coaches serves as a benchmark among professional coaches.

Key is the mutual fit between you and your coach. You want a coach who’s translated her training to her lived experience–and who can fluently translate it to yours. Your coach’s profile and approach in relationship to you and your goals is what makes a successful partnership.

The executive coach who trained and certified me is the ICF master-certified coach who taught Peter Senge personal mastery. My framework is grounded in Senge’s Five Disciplines (true dialogue; building vision; mental models; personal mastery; and systems thinking), and in the wisdom I’ve wrought through trial, transformation, and extraordinary experience. In the years prior to my professional certification, at major crossroads, each of my first two executive coaches led me to breakthroughs. Without their keen support, I could not have successfully navigated those tectonic personal & professional shifts.


Quantum physics and neuroscience reveals what we intrinsically know: at the sub-atomic level, we are pure energy. Coaching is a partnership wherein we clarify your current reality and vision of the future. We tap the creative tension between these states, then uncover and build the resources that enable you reach your goals. Drawing from a deep well, my approach is holistic and creative-strategic. An insightful listener with the ability to see and weave together the essential threads of your life and work, I help you more fully embody your purpose. With wisdom and grounded presence, I empower you to meet your challenges, guiding you through changes and opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

A coach is an important investment that can help you make real life changes, and grow. Celebrities from Oprah to Andre Agassi, Bill Clinton and thousands more attribute their success in part to working with their coaches. Influencers from entrepreneurs to recreational athletes credit their coaches with helping them get to the next level of their careers, fitness, relational health and more.

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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

~Steve Jobs