Four Site

Four Site Leadership® is Holistic leadership®. Based on several paradigms of four in the natural and human worlds, it’s the integrative mastery of body, mind, heart and spirit: the four planes on which we grow, communicate, and lead.

Leader Archetypes

Derived from ancient wisdom in conjunction with premier leadership frameworks, four leader archetypes represent our ways of learning and leading. One archetype typically resonates with our natural strengths and style. To grow and to become a more effective leader, we must experience, understand, and integrate all four.

As expressed in the Four Site logo, the leader archetypes correspond to a co-creative masculine and feminine power. This interdependent polarity sustains all healthy living systems, and is, as such, a central element of holistic leadership.

This wholly integrated presence is authentically connected, and even magnetic. It’s the presence that inspires and empowers others to work together to fulfill a collective vision. In our intricately interconnected global society, rife with complex challenges and conflicts at every turn, it’s the leadership we need.

The full arc of Holistic leadership® transforms you and your relationships with others. In increases your sphere of influence, and heals something something in the world.

Four Site helps leaders become conscious of and direct these intelligences into four areas of mastery:

  • Personal Mastery:  Becoming the creative agent of your life and work
  • Interpersonal Mastery:  Conducting skilled, crucial conversations
  • Team Mastery:  Developing synergy and high performance
  • Systems Mastery:  Leading and managing change

This holistic approach empowers leaders to lead and respond to the dynamic forces in the marketplace and world today — and inside their own companies. Achieving this fourfold mastery allows you to realize your vision, expand your influence, and make a contribution that matters — and lasts.

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