The Logo

Four Site’s logo is a mandala, the Sanskrit word for “sacred circle.” Mandalas symbolize our need to know our authentic self, and to harmonize this inner reality with the world around us.

This ancient mandala is the “Sri Yantra,”  which translates to “sacred instrument” and represents the expression of our purpose in the world. It represents the way I work with clients to illuminate and align purpose, impact and direction.

The square that encases the circle represents the four elements and leader archetypes on which Four Site is based.

The lotus petals represent the natural world and the awakened mind. The central intersecting triangles emanate outward, representing the interdependent polarity of masculine and feminine power.

The horizontal base represents stability. The two vertical lines that meet on this foundation represent movement from static to dynamic.

This is my work: to help you move from your current state to future vision, to fulfill your highest purpose and greatest contribution.

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