Marni has a special touch as a facilitator and group leader. She is intuitive about the people sitting in her circle.  She gently draws out each person so that they are heard without applying pressure. Her questions and insights are probing and thought provoking. Whenever I sit in circle with Marni leading, I feel I have learned so much about myself.  She is a real gift.

Searl Vetter, WomenThrive Leadership Founder

I have been studying yoga with Marni for six years. Her versatility, knowledge, and the joyful energy she brings to the practice is such a pleasure. Her insightful instruction has been vital to the evolution of my home practice and to my incorporating yoga to my life as a professional musician at home and on tour.

Rachel Sliker, Violinist and Teacher

Marni has a gift of meeting people where they are at and has the ability to take them deeper into self discovery.  She holds a safe space and presence and asks questions that go right to the root of the issue, allowing the client to discover what they need to learn and to take the next steps in their journey.

Lynn Bunin, Chiropractor

Marni is a wise and gifted coach, utilizing her skills and experiences as a writer, teacher, leader, athlete and mother to guide me to clarify dreams and set goals.  She is an invaluable sounding board for all things important: family, relationships, work, and passions.  While she is energetic, passionate and inspiring, she calmly and clearly reflects back to me what it is I really want, but have a hard time knowing for certain. She is at once rational, logical and analytical, but also understands and respects the importance of dreams and intuition.

Karen LaFace, MD, Ithaca, NY

What I liked best about the LEAD courses was Marni. Her interaction; her passion and adaptive mind. She is an excellent listener. She is engaging and very interactive, drawing everyone in.  She created an open learning environment, engagement with our peers, class participation and involvement, and taught tools for critical communications.

Newmont Mining Corporation, Greenwood Village, CO

I felt so supported and nourished with you in the room. Your energy is a wonderful “buzz”—and inside that, there is grounding.  That allows you to move in and through the room:  You sense everything in the room while at the same time being fully present with everyone. You feel and hold everything:  it’s as if someone took your skin and turned it inside out.

Jack Spivak, Matrix Leadership Institute

Marni is a fabulous facilitator!  Very energetic and knowledgeable!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and belief in me. I love your energy, and outlook on life and relationships.  You have definitely found your calling as a mentor, spiritual guide and facilitator. You have the perfect energy and personality for it.

Jennifer Regnier, Newmont Mining Corporation

Marni’s raw intelligence is palpable. Yet her skill at human relations is even more rare, and the combination striking and compelling. One can have running conversations with Marni that span weeks, months, and years.

Mark Shechner, Professor Emeritus, SUNY Buffalo