The Art of Personal Mastery

Experience a retreat like no other

The Art of Personal Mastery 

Source the power of your whole self to create what you want in life and work 

with Marni Gauthier, PhD, RYT-200 SunMountain Center June 29 – July 1, 2018 

Nourish and integrate your body, mind, heart and spirit in this uniquely holistic retreat that will grow and renew you. Learn the art of personal mastery through yoga, meditation, wisdom sessions, and restoration in hot springs, natural beauty and mountain air.

Artfully design-led by leadership guru, cultural creative, and master teacher Marni Gauthier, this retreat illuminates these four interconnected aspects of self. Learn to cultivate each into an integrated whole, and become the creative agent and leader of your life. Also known as "Holistic Leadership from the Inside Out," this retreat offers inner growth for outer impact. 

You’ll emerge from this weekend with a clearer vision, greater alignment of purpose, passion, and direction. Occurring at the precise mid-point of the year, this weekend will inspire, refresh and empower you to embrace the second half of 2018. All attendees receive a practice guide that supports the translation of the weekend into their post-retreat lives.  

You'll leave this retreat with:

  • Physical and spiritual nourishment. Restoration & renewed energy.
  • Inspiration & resources to shift or expand your life.
  • Practical wisdom for powerful living. You'll learn:
    • What Holistic Leadership is – and how to develop yours.
    • The Art of Personal Mastery – and practice developing it.
    • How to be the creative agent of your life, rather than a reactive force in its mix.
    • How to cultivate and execute a vision – and visioning experience.
    • What creative tension is, why it matters – and how to tap it.
    • How to optimize your creativity & learning (based on neuroscience & cognitive psychology!)
  • Tools to establish your own yoga & meditation practice that serves your life goals.

Why Retreat?

Retreat is essential for nourishment, perspective, renewal, and growth.

Retreat is central to an awakened life in which you are the creative agent of your life, rather than a reactive force in its mix.

Retreat is how successful, creative people take time, in Stephen Covey’s words, to “sharpen the saw.”

What occurs on a finely designed, well-purposed retreat is advancement.

Four Site retreats are a deep dive into wisdom and relaxation that allow you to integrate and grow. Through experiential learning, together with replenishment, you emerge with a clear, compelling vision, and steps to fulfill it. More grounded, refreshed, and empowered. More alive, capable, and whole. 

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Marni Gauthier

This retreat is for you if:  

  • You’re craving space and replenishment for your body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • You long to pause, reset, and clarify what’s next on your path.
  • You value inner growth for outer impact.
  • You know there’s power in emotional & spiritual intelligence and in a mind-body practice—yet unsure how to build these into the rhythms of your life.
  • You’re evolving as the leader of your life -- and need powerful tools to meet your challenges & opportunities. To thrive.
  • You’re facing a transition, and you want to navigate it with grace and power.
  • Your commitments—to those you love, your work, your passions--are vital, and require your whole self. You want to know how to consistently source that holistic power.  

To sustain this, you need to be nourished. You need to be:

Resourced. Inspired. Empowered.

You're in the right place – and the time is now.

Source the power of your whole self.

Your Retreat Includes:

  • Beautiful, comfortable, spacious accommodations, including on-premise outdoor hot tubs & nature trails.
  • Gourmet, farm-to-table cuisine prepared by on-site chef. All meals Friday dinner - Sunday lunch.
  • Daily yoga: Flow, Alignment & Balance rooted in Ashtanga & Iyengar (see more, below).
  • Daily Wisdom Sessions: Power & practice to transform your world. Experiential learning at the intersection of the inspired and pragmatic.
  • Two-hour soak at SunWater spa.
  • Daily Meditation.
  • Fireside chats, rest and reflection.
  • Optional (self-organized) excursion to Garden of Gods or historic Manitou Springs, each a 10-minute drive.
  • 3 pm Friday arrival - 11 am Sunday conclusion.  

Not included:

  • Transport to SunMountain Center (2 hr-drive from Boulder or Denver, ½ hour-drive from Colorado Springs, 1.75 hr drive from DIA). 
  • SunMountain gratuity for staff, suggested $10/day  

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Searl Vetter

Marni has a special touch as a facilitator and group leader. She is intuitive about the people sitting in her circle. She gently draws out each person so that they are heard without applying pressure. Her questions and insights are probing and thought provoking. Whenever I sit in circle with Marni leading, I feel I have learned so much about myself. She is a real gift.  

 Searl Vetter, WomenThrive Leadership Founder  

Lynn Bunin

Marni has a gift of meeting people where they are at and has the ability to take them deeper into self discovery. She holds a safe space and presence and asks questions that go right to the root of the issue, allowing the client to discover what they need to learn and to take the next steps in their journey.

Lynn Bunin, Chiropractor

Rachel Sliker

  I have been studying yoga with Marni for six years. Her versatility, knowledge, and the joyful energy she brings to the practice is such a pleasure. Her insightful instruction has been vital to the evolution of my practice and to incorporating yoga into my life as a professional musician at home and on tour.  

Rachel Sliker, Violinist and Teacher

Ready to integrate your mind, body, heart & spirit? To become the creative agent of your life?  


Prices are all-inclusive of 11.03% tax rate, meals, accomodations, yoga & wisdom sessions, and hot springs soak. 

If you are traveling with a friend, please tell us their name upon checkout. Otherwise, we will make room placements on your behalf.

To book a retreat inquiry call with Marni, click HERE.

*Questions? Email them to We'll gladly respond.

Accommodations & Nourishment

The rooms in SunMountain’s exquisitely maintained historic homes are beautiful, comfortable, spacious and inviting. From bidets to clawfoot and jetted tubs, exposed brick, antiques and gorgeous linens, each room is unique. All include in-room bathroom suites and organic cotton terrycloth bathrobes for guests’ in-room use.  

Each of the two lodges features a light-filled yoga shala/great room, with lovely fireplace and shared dining spaces that include a flagstone patio with mountain views. Each has its own large, outdoor hot tub. Moreover, your retreat includes a soaking pass at SunWater Spa, a short walk from our lodges: seven cedar pools filled with health-giving mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring. 

SunMountain is situated on six acres of terraced gardens and a biodynamic farm, with trails and mountain views. The resident chef prepares all of our gourmet farm-to-table meals that beautifully appeal to all the senses.  

About Your Guide

Marni Gauthier

Marni lives, creates, and teaches at the frontier between deep internal experience and the revelations of the outer world. A published author and expert design-facilitator, she has played a key role in leadership initiatives across multiple industries, and served as faculty for the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado and the CU Leadership Studies Minor.

During her PhD program at CU Boulder, Marni studied yoga with some of the best Iyengar and Ashtanga teachers in the world. This led to her ongoing devotion and teacher certification with YogaWorks. She’s taught yoga to executives, schoolchildren, and traditional yoga students. Her expertise and love of the subject, combined with her fluency as a master teacher, newly opens yoga for the novice and experienced practitioner alike. 

As founder of Four Site Leadership, Marni creates retreats & courses based on her signature holistic leadership paradigm, and on approaching one's life as a creative force. Four Site reflects the evolution of her practice in leadership & yoga, her background as a professor of contemporary literature and film, and a lifelong growth mindset and artist’s sensibility. 

Marni’s work is steeped in the transformative wisdom that’s ensued from her rich experience. Grounded in mastery as a path of devotion, her holistic approach is geared for applied learning to catalyze your growth, inspire, and renew you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone who desires self-discovery, revelation and renewal.
  • Your growth serves your values and mission. Your identity is larger than your affiliations. It encompasses your evolving life and work.
  • Influencers, leaders, visionaries, healers. You seek inspired, practical guidance to maximize your positive impact.
  • You feel that you're part of a larger creative process that you wish to connect with more profoundly and with greater ease.
  • You want to nurture and execute a vision -- and to know how to do that.
  • You're facing a transition, and you want guidance to navigate it with grace and power.
  • You want to connect with your tribe for grounding, inspiration, and support.
  • This resonates -- and your transition involves finding your path, your place, your tribe.

Yoga's benefits and accessibility make it perhaps the ultimate mind-body practice and foundation to embodied leadership.


I will address and clarify this in the retreat. In brief:


The mind-body is the central force that shapes our lives, relationships, culture, and results. Understanding this – and tapping its wisdom and power – can change your life.


Yoga grows our capacity to respond, rather than react to stimuli, including habitual triggers. Combined with mindfulness training, a regular yoga practice empowers us to choose our responses, our shape, and our very posture.


The body is a source of rich intelligence. It holds not only our history but also our present and future. For transformation to be sustainable, it's vital to engage the body. Because our "executive brain" is one of four interconnected brains, good intentions and thoughts alone collapse under pressure.


In the moment of truth, crisis, or challenge, what is most deeply embodied comes forth.


A strong mind-body practice re-educates our neuro-musculature, our brain pathways and emotional states. It opens space for creativity and newness to support our commitments.


No. Whether you're one of the 37.6 million US adults who practice yoga or one of the 137 million US adults who want to practice yoga, you are warmly welcome.


Grounded in a deeply educated practice of 20+ years, Marni's teaching provides foundational alignment, and links movement to breath in a balance of precision and flow. You are invited into a practice that exhilarates the body, quiets the mind, opens the heart, and animates the spirit.


Yoga will punctuate our days – and we will also be learning, conversing, dining, soaking, and relaxing.


Retreats breathe fresh air into the mind, nourish the body and heart, and stir the soul. Marni Gauthier 

Karen LaFace

Marni is a wise and gifted coach, utilizing her skills and experiences as a writer, teacher, leader, athlete and mother to guide me to clarify dreams and set goals. She is an invaluable sounding board for all things important: family, relationships, work, and passions. While she is energetic, passionate and inspiring, she calmly and clearly reflects back to me what it is I really want, but have a hard time knowing for certain. She is at once rational, logical and analytical, but also understands and respects the importance of dreams and intuition

Karen LaFace, MD, Ithaca, NY

Jack Spival

I felt so supported and nourished with you in the room. Your energy is a wonderful “buzz”—and inside that there is grounding. You sense everything in the room while at the same time being fully present with everyone. You feel and hold everything: it’s as if someone took your skin and turned it inside out.  

Jack Spivak, Matrix Leadership Institute


Andi Melic

Marni knocked it out of the park! You can’t teach what she does. She listens to everybody in the room and brings back the various points to weave them into relational learning.  

Andi Melick, Global Learning and Development, Newmont Mining Corporation

Ready to integrate your mind, body, heart & spirit? To become the creative agent of your life?

Prices are all-inclusive of 11.03% tax rate, meals, accomodations, yoga & wisdom sessions, and hot springs soak. 

If you are traveling with a friend, please tell us their name upon checkout. Otherwise, we will make room placements on your behalf.

To book a retreat inquiry call with Marni, click HERE.

*Questions? Email them to We'll gladly respond.

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